What is the Jade Egg?

The Jade Egg is a small, egg shaped piece of Canadian Nephrite Jade that is used in the vagina to create more tone, awareness, dexterity and sensitivity to the vagina and the surrounding pelvic tissues.

Is the Egg you sell authentic Nephrite jade?

Yes! The eggs that I sell and the only eggs that I recommend are GIA certified Nephrite Jade. Be aware that some Eggs that are being sold as ‘Jade’ are actually other stones died a green colour. The certification is important!

Why Nephrite Jade?

If you explore Jade Eggs, you are likely to come across so many different opinions of which stone or crystal is best to use as a Yoni egg. Some people suggest different stones or crystals for their energetic properties, however, there are aspects other than just the energy of a crystal that need to be taken into consideration when choosing your egg.

The eggs that I sell and the only eggs that I recommend are GIA certified Nephrite Jade. Nephrite Jade is a silicate of calcium and magnesium and is one of the toughest natural stones. This means that when we drop our egg (and we will!), it will not chip or shatter. If you consider the delicate nature of the tissues of your vagina, you will see that using an egg that was chipped or cracked could potentially be harmful or painful. In fact, I am so confident of the quality and toughness of the eggs that I sell that if they do ever chip or break I will replace the egg immediately.

Another amazing thing about Nephrite Jade is that unlike all other crystals, it does not have a crystalline structure. The issue with crystalline structures is that they are porous, this means that there is the potential for bacteria to get trapped in the structure of the stone and then introduced into the vagina. Nephrite Jade is made of interlocking fibres, which are so tightly woven that they are 99% non-porous, meaning that there is no chance for bacteria to enter into the stone. In fact, over the last 30 years, there has not been one recorded case of infection caused by a Nephrite Jade egg.

Nephrite Jade also heats to body temperature very quickly, meaning that it is very comfortable to wear inside.

Why does the egg have a hole?

The hole is used to thread string through the egg in order to pull it out while you are still training your muscles to push the egg out. There are also some practices that you can learn that involve using the string for resistance.

Why do I need to string my egg?

When you begin to use an egg, having the string can assist in removing the egg while you are learning how to push the egg out. The string is also used for ‘resistance’ or ‘pulling’ practices.

What should I use to string my egg?

I recommend using either silk thread or unwaxed dental floss (hyperlink to store) to string your egg.The reason for unwaxed is that the waxes often contain chemicals that your yoni doesn’t not want. If you can’t find unwaxed floss, definitely get unflavoured!

Can I use the egg with an IUD?

By law, I am required to say “no.” However, many women have found that the Jade Egg and an IUD can be compatible. You’ll want to be careful to not leave your egg inside with the string for long periods of time (all day or overnight). You can use the string when doing pulling exercises, but be careful not to let the string from the egg get tangled with the string from the IUD. Stop as soon as you have any cramping or discomfort. Responsibility for this choice is entirely yours.

Can I use the egg while pregnant?

I advise AGAINST using the Jade Egg while pregnant. With the energy/muscle work generated by the egg, there is the chance that you can have really strong uterine contractions, and I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to risk losing their baby. Many women have safely used the egg up until they have had confirmation of their pregnancy, tune into your body and notice if she wants you to use the egg or not. NOTE: These are only suggestions and are not to be taken for medical advice. Check with your health practitioner for individual guidance.

Can I use the egg while menstruating?

It’s generally best to hold off and not using it during your period. Listen to your body and find out what she would like. If you do use it, you’ll need to make sure to boil the egg afterward for hygienic reasons.

What if my egg doesn’t come out?

Relax, have patience and trust that it will come out sooner or later. Give your body permission to release. You can create a self-nurturing space for yourself where you meditate on what you are having a hard time letting go of, feel everything fully and surrender to letting go.

The longest an egg has stayed in has been 15 days, so it will come out eventually. Activities like laughing, breathing, squatting, relaxing, sneezing, coughing and bearing down can also sometimes help.

Why does my egg fall out?

Your yoni is so intelligent! Once she has had enough of the egg, she will push it out, she needs a rest. Once the egg comes out, that is enough for today. It is not a sign of weakness, but another way that we can begin to listen deeply to our body and respect her needs.

How long can I leave the egg in?

I recommend that you remove the egg once every 24 hours to remove the string, give it a rinse clean in warm water and let it air dry before re-stringing and sipping it back in.

How do I sterilise my egg before I first use it?

Place the egg in a pot of cold water and bring to the boil. Leave on a low simmer for 10 minutes then remove from heat and leave to cool. Repeat this process if your egg falls on the floor, into the toilet or is touched by anyone other than yourself and your intimate partner.

How do I keep my egg clean between uses?

Remove and dispose of the floss, blow through the hole, rinse well in warm water and allow to air dry. Do NOT use soap or other cleansers, your yoni will not like them. Once in a while or if your egg falls on the floor or into the toilet give it boil like you did when you bought it.

What is a yoni?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the female sexual organs, the original source, the doorway into this world. I use the word yoni to remind us that the benefits of the practices extend out far beyond just our vaginas, into the surrounding cells, tissues, structures and beyond.


Does Naomi offer any teachings for men?

No, she focusses on helping women. For information on teachers who work with men please contact her with your location and whether you would prefer information on in-person or online teaching.

Does Naomi offer individual coaching?

Yes. For more information including packages and pricing, please visit the Work with Me page.

How can I invite Naomi to participate in an interview or event?

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